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    Safrà del Montsec
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    Hand harvested and wood dried
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    Organic coupé saffron
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    “Montsec's Saffron is an artisanal product, fresh, scented and with the signature color of a reddish sun, to excite the lovers of saffron and to seduce those who will discover ir for the first time”.
    Carme Ruscalleda
    Sant Pau Restaurant

Welcome to our house

Safrà del Montsec

Lovers of traditions, as well as artisanal and organic food, we live with nature in a rustic Masia (farm house) that is over 200 years old. Masia Mauri, located in Llimiana, a charming pre-Pyrenean village in Pallars Jussà that has an air of history and a future... You will fall in love with this small corner of Montsec with its landscapes that, in seasonal harmony, are ever changing and colourful.

Our favourite photography appears when autumn begins. The first few days of October, cold and bucolic, begin with a blanket of violet flowers that transport us in time, to a family home, to manual work that invites us to share and celebrate the joy of the harvest... a small and delicate autumn flower that invites us to return to our roots... the roots of Pallars rescued in an exclusive product, a pure, authentic and unique saffron... Safrà del Montsec!