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Tips for Use

Saffron needs time to develop its aroma.

It is important to infuse the spice in hot water (minimum 5 cl) or any liquid preparation related to the recipe: broth, wine, vinegar, milk, etc. The maximum expressiveness of saffron is acquired by infusing it for at least 4 hours. Add this saffron preparation (with filaments) 10 minutes before the end of cooking.

We also recommend grinding it in a mortar to prepare meats or other recipes that do not require a special sauce. To grind the saffron it can be dried slightly, putting the threads of the spice on a sheet of paper, for a few minutes at the entry of an open oven.

Recommended Dose

When handling saffron, wood utensils should be avoided. The wood easily absorbs the organoleptic components of the spice.

  • Sauces: 6 - 8 threads or stigmas per 250 g of cream or the equivalent of ¼ litre of sauce.
  • Rice and pasta: 6 - 8 threads per litre of broth or water.
  • Sweets and desserts: 10 - 12 threads per litre of milk.
  • 0,01g = 6 threads of saffron

Expert Opinion

“Montsec's Saffon is an artisanal product, fresh, scented and with the signature color of a reddish sun, to excite the lovers of saffron and to seduce those who will discover it for the first time".
Carme Ruscalleda
Sant Pau restaurant

Expert Opinion

“More than talk about the quality of the product, I want to thank the effort of these young entrepenerus in the difficult task of creating a product that we have become used to underappreciate. Thanks to them I've rediscovered high quality saffron! Keep working like this!”.
Manel Armengol
Major Trentasis restaurant

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