Crystallised Cod in Olive Oil and Saffron Potatoes

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Crystallised Cod in Olive Oil and Saffron Potatoes

Ingredients (4 People):

600 g of desalted or fresh cod or two fillets per person.

3 cloves of garlic

1 chilli

600 g of potatoes or 4 medium potatoes



8 threads of saffron Safrà del Montsec

Olive oil




Heat the oil in a pot or high saucepan, without boiling or frying (between 60 and 80 degrees), add the garlic and chilli whole, leave for 5 minutes at this temperature and add the cod (if it is for rations more or less 7 cm x 7 cm) add oil (if necessary) to cover it more than a centimetre, the time is relative depending on the thickness and size, so with this size and temperature 10 minutes (or when you see that the slices can be separated), remove the cod from the oil so that it does not continue to cook and put aside.

Meanwhile, in another pot boil water with laurel, salt and a pinch of rosemary, peel and cut the potatoes into slices a finger wide (1.5 cm) and add to the water, and 5 minutes before they are cooked add the saffron, cover and remove from the stove.

Whip the garlic cream, place the garlic in a bowl, add oil from the cod cooking and mix as if you were making mayonnaise, add a little water from the potato cooking and continue adding oil and water as the cream becomes whipped.

For plating, place the garlic cream over the drained potatoes and the cod on top of them. Use the saffron from the water and place the threads over the cod.

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Did you know...

The saffron comes from Asia Minor and there are data that used it 2,000 years B.C?

Did you know...

In Spain it was introduced by the Arabs between the 8th and 10th centuries. From the beginning its main use was culinary, something that spread throughout all Mediterranean countries

Did you know...

Catalonia was the gateway of saffron to the Iberian Peninsula, and it was the first region of Spain that, during the Middle Ages, cultivated and exported the first saffron recognized for its excellent quality

Did you know...

The magnificent properties of saffron make it a versatile spice used in different fields? In addition to gastronomy, saffron is currently used in medicine, cosmetics and perfumery

Did you know...

The saffron have a great source of vitamins that help improve the quality of life? It has been shown to even have beneficial effects in the fight against degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and multiple sclerosis

Did you know...

To get 1 kg of saffron, do you need about 200,000 flowers? The flower, which lasts only one day, has inspired numerous mythological tales, legends that have been born in the oldest civilizations.

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