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Legal Notice


This legal notice regulates the use of the website, which is owned by JAUME CASADO CARULLA (hereinafter, SAFRA DEL MONTSEC).

By browsing the SAFRA DEL MONTSEC website, you are a USER of said website and fully and unreservedly accept each and every one of the conditions published in this legal notice, and accept that said conditions may be changed without prior notice by SAFRA DEL MONTSEC, in which case they will be re-published after providing as much advance notification as possible.

You should thus carefully read this notice if you wish to access and use the information and services offered on this website.

Users also agree to use the website properly and in keeping with the law, good faith, public order, traffic usage and this Legal Notice, and shall be liable to SAFRA DEL MONTSEC or to third parties for any damage that may be caused as a consequence of failing to abide by said obligation.

Any use different from that authorised is strictly prohibited. SAFRA DEL MONTSEC may deny or withdraw access and use at any time.


SAFRA DEL MONTSEC, pursuant to Law 34/2002 of 11 July on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, informs you that:

  • The company name is: JAUME CASADO CARULLA
  • Its trade name is: SAFRA DEL MONTSEC
  • Its tax identification number is: 45786571B
  • The company’s address is: MASIA MAURI, S/N, ELS MASOS DE LLIMIANA – 25639 LLIMIANA (SPAIN).
  • It is listed in the BARCELONA Business Registry, T 29850, F 98, S 8, H B 83099, I/A 22.

To communicate with us, we make available the various means of contact detailed below:

  • Tel.: 605028536

All notifications and communications between users and SAFRA DEL MONTSEC shall be deemed effective when conducted using any of the means detailed above.

Conditions for access and use

This website is free to access and use. However, SAFRA DEL MONTSEC may require filling in a specific form before allowing the use of some of the services offered on its website.

The user guarantees the truthfulness and accuracy of all the information provided to SAFRA DEL MONTSEC and shall be solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements made.

The user expressly agrees to use the contents and services of SAFRA DEL MONTSEC properly and not to use them to:

  1. Spread content that is illegal, violent, pornographic, racist, xenophobic, offensive, that supports terrorism or, in general, that is contrary to the law or to public order.
  2. Upload computer viruses to the network or take actions that can alter, damage, interrupt or cause errors to the electronic documents, data or physical or logical systems of SAFRA DEL MONTSEC or of third parties, or that can block the access of other users to the website and its services by overloading the computer resources through which SAFRA DEL MONTSEC provides its services.
  3. Try to access the e-mail accounts of other users or restricted areas of the computer systems of SAFRA DEL MONTSEC or of third parties and extract information from them.
  4. Violate the intellectual or industrial property rights, or gain access to confidential information, held by SAFRA DEL MONTSEC or third parties.
  5. Steal the identity of another user.
  6. Reproduce, copy, distribute, or make available to the public in any other way the contents, or transform or alter them, without the consent of the rights holder, unless said actions are legally permitted.
  7. Gather data for marketing purposes and send advertising or messages of any type for sales or other commercial purposes without SAFRA DEL MONTSEC prior request or consent.

All of the contents of this website, such as text, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, as well as its graphic design and source code, are the property of SAFRA DEL MONTSEC. The user is not granted any rights to said contents beyond those that are strictly necessary in order to properly use the website.

In summary, users accessing this website may view the contents and make authorised private copies as long as the reproduced elements are not subsequently transferred to third parties, installed on servers connected to networks, or exploited in any way.

Similarly, all trademarks, brand names and distinctive logos of any kind shown on the website are the property of SAFRA DEL MONTSEC. Using or accessing the website does not grant the user any rights to these elements.

The distribution, modification, transfer or public communication of the contents, and any other activity that is not expressly authorised by the rights owner, is prohibited.

The presence of a hyperlink in no way implies the existence of a relationship between SAFRA DEL MONTSEC and the owner of the linked website, nor SAFRA DEL MONTSEC’S acceptance or endorsement of its contents or services.

SAFRA DEL MONTSEC shall not be liable for the way in which each user uses the materials made available on this website nor for any actions taken involving said materials.


The contents of this website are general in nature and are provided for information purposes only. Access to all of the contents is not guaranteed, nor are they guaranteed to be thorough, correct, current, or suited to a specific purpose.

To the extent permitted by law, SAFRA DEL MONTSEC declines all liability for damage of any type resulting from:

  1. The inability to access the website or the presence of content that is not accurate, truthful, complete and/or current, as well as the presence of defects of any kind in the contents transmitted, disseminated, stored, made available or accessed through the website or in the services offered.
  2. The presence of viruses or other elements in the contents that could alter the computer systems, electronic documents or data of the users.
  3. Non-compliance with laws, good faith, public order, traffic use and this legal notice as a result of the improper use of the website. Specifically, and by way of example, SAFRA DEL MONTSEC shall not be liable for the actions of third parties that violate intellectual or industrial property rights, corporate secrets, the right to honour, personal and family privacy and to one’s own image, as well as any regulations pertaining to unfair competition and illegal advertising.

Similarly, SAFRA DEL MONTSEC declines all liability for any information external to the website and not managed directly by our webmaster. The purpose of the links appearing on this site is solely to inform our users about the existence of other sources that may complement the contents offered on our website. SAFRA DEL MONTSEC does not guarantee, and accepts no liability for, the operation or accessibility of linked sites. It does not suggest, endorse or recommend visiting said sites, and thus is also not liable for the outcome. SAFRA DEL MONTSEC is not liable for hyperlinks set up by third parties.


If a user or third party believes that there are facts or circumstances that indicate the illegal use of any of the contents and/or the conduct of any activity on the pages included in or accessible through the website, they must send a notification to SAFRA DEL MONTSEC, identifying themselves and describing the alleged infractions.


The administrative information provided through the website does not replace the legal publication of laws, regulations, plans, general stipulations and reports that must be formally published in the official journals of government agencies and which comprise the only instrument that can attest to its authenticity and content. The information available on this website should be regarded as tentative and is not intended to be legally binding.

Privacy Policy

When we need to obtain information from you, we will always expressly ask you to provide it to us voluntarily. The data gathered through the data collection forms on the website or in other ways is entered into a personal data file that is duly registered with the General Data Protection Registry of Spain’s Data Protection Agency, and which is the responsibility of JAUME CASADO CARULLA (hereinafter SAFRA DEL MONTSEC). This entity shall process the data confidentially for the sole purpose of offering the services requested with all of the legal and security guarantees required by Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Information, by Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December, and by Law 34/2002 of 11 July on the Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce.

SAFRA DEL MONTSEC will not transfer or share the data with third parties without your express consent.

Similarly, SAFRA DEL MONTSEC will delete or rectify the data when they are inexact, incomplete or when they are no longer needed or relevant to their purpose, in keeping with the stipulations of Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Information.

Users may withdraw their consent and exercise their rights to access, correct, delete or oppose the processing of their data by writing to: SAFRA DEL MONTSEC, MASIA MAURI, S/N, ELS MASOS DE LLIMIANA – 25639 LLIMIANA (SPAIN), including proper identification and expressly indicating which right they wish to exercise.

SAFRA DEL MONTSEC applies the levels of security in place that are required by Organic Law 15/1999 and other applicable laws. However, it cannot guarantee the absolute security of its systems; therefore, it shall accept no liability for any damages caused by changes that third parties may make to the user’s computer systems, electronic documents or files.

If a user opts to leave our website via a link to a website that does not belong to our company, SAFRA DEL MONTSEC shall not be responsible for the privacy policies in effect on said websites nor for the cookies that they may store on the user’s computer.

Our e-mail policy is limited to sending only those notifications that you have requested to receive.

If you prefer not to receive these e-mail messages, the messages themselves offer the option to unsubscribe and to opt out from receiving further messages, as required by Title III, Article 22 of Law 34/2002 on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce.

Applicable Law

These conditions are governed by applicable Spanish laws.

The language used shall be Spanish.

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