Hand-harvested and dried by wood fire

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Saffron For Restaurants

Exclusive organically grown saffron that offers the highest levels of colour, flavour and aroma to your restaurant.

For the most demanding menus, the most sublime saffron!

Just as a good perfume is discovered in three aromatic notes, our saffron is discovered in three sensory moments: When you observe the pure red result of our delicate process of separating the stamen; when you feel the intense and fragrant aroma conserved in its chrome metallic box; and when tasting its special flavour that brings gastronomic distinction and originality to your creations.

AArtisan methods and delicacy make our saffron a pure, authentic and unique product.

“Hand-harvested and dried by wood fire”

    Safrà del Montsec 10g
    Organic saffron threads in metallic box.
    Safrà del Montsec 1 oz (28,35 g)
    Organic saffron threads in metallic box.
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Expert Opinion

“Montsec's Saffon is an artisanal product, fresh, scented and with the signature color of a reddish sun, to excite the lovers of saffron and to seduce those who will discover it for the first time".
Carme Ruscalleda
Sant Pau restaurant

Expert Opinion

“More than talk about the quality of the product, I want to thank the effort of these young entrepenerus in the difficult task of creating a product that we have become used to underappreciate. Thanks to them I've rediscovered high quality saffron! Keep working like this!”.
Manel Armengol
Major Trentasis restaurant

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